• TWF Community teamed up with Anna Dymna’s ‘Against the Odds’ Foundation, which is a home for people with learning disabilities, to create something spectacular. The foundation provides a safe haven for its residents, where they can partake in various creative classes such as drawing, acting and crafts.

    It is also equipped with modified computers, which unfortunately lack appropriate software. Thus, having put together a great cause and great skill, a hackaton was born, the outcome of which would be applications suitable for and taking into consideration needs of the foundation’s residents.

    The result turned to be a resounding success! Borderline genius participants put their great minds together and created a wide range of amazing apps, which quality beggar belief that they all were created in merely 12 hours.

    Everyone taking part welcomed the chance to do something good, supporting those in need as well as test their design and coding skills in a challenging environment. Obviously, there were some spectacular prizes awarded to the best of the best.

    As to the residents? Suffice to say that they poured their gratitude in a wonderful painting which adorns the TWF Community office.

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TWF Hackathon – Hacking for the greater good

  • Lean poker is an event much like a code retreat, but with a slightly different format and purpose. The primary focus is on continuous deployment and the build measure learn cycle of the lean start up methodology.

    The purpose

    A lean poker tournament’s aim is for participants to practice concepts related to lean start ups and continuous deployment. A poker team is a small group of developers (ideally 4 people forming 2 pairs) whose aim is to incrementally build a highly heuristic algorithm within a one day timeframe that is just smart enough to beat the other robots. Professional poker robots are developed for years, so the purpose is definitely not to come up with something really smart, but to be the smartest among the current competitors. With this in mind teams can come up with simple to implement heuristics, examine their effect on game play during training rounds, and than improve their algorithm in a similar lean fashion.

    The format

    Since only a few lean poker tournaments have been organized yet the format has not been finalized. Everything below is more of a draft. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts.

    The robots are continously playing sit’n’go tournaments during the whole day. Between tournaments the croupier will automatically deploy the latest commit from the master branch for each team.

    The teams have 60 minute sessions while they are allowed to code. After each session there is a break, during which the last game that was played by the robots is shown on a projector. This is the part, where the teams can root for their robots. After the break there is a quick retrospective stand up meeting that looks back on the previous session.
    Let’s meet on Saturday 11th July at.9:00, Rzeźnicza 28-31 in Wrocław!

    Visit our fb event page for more details


    Registration here: http://bit.ly/1e3pB64

    More details: http://leanpoker.thewayforward.pl/

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Lean Poker in Wroclaw

  • As IT people we have a skillset which gives us unlimited capabilities. We still learn and develop our minds which is our basic tool. But there are many people with mental disabilities who cannot live or work like us.

    In association with Anna Dymna’s foundation “Mimo wszystko” which helps people with mental disabilities – we are organizing The Way Forward Hackathon.

    What is hackathon actually?

    It’s an event where programmers and others connected to IT world (designers, UX designers, engineers) have to crate usable software in limited time. This time – you have only 12 hours. And you have to create application for people with mental disorder.

    If you could change somebody’s world for a better place – would you do that?
    Now we are giving you real opportunity to do it!

    More details on our facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/twf.community

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The Way Forward Hackathon

  • After months of preparations, organising a multitude of things and ticking off checklists, The Way Forward conference has passed in the blink of an eye.

    The Galicia Jewish Museum in the old Jewish Kazimierz District proved to be the ideal venue for such an event. Blending old brick walls with modern chrome and steel construction, the location provided a creative and stimulating setting for a technology-oriented conference.

    Although The Way Forward conference was initially conceived as a fairly small developer and designer meet-up, it quickly blossomed into one of the most talked about events in Kraków. Our core focus was to create an environment that allowed multiple experience levels and varied skillsets to exchange advice and expertise, and we did just that. Bringing together graphic designers, UX designers, front-end developers, full-stack developers, project managers and many professions in-between, we were elated with the overall attendance and participation.

    With presentations delivered by Marc Pelland, Tomek Piłat, Dominik Wróblewski and Alena Milutina, engagement was exceptional throughout the event, a testament to the quality and content shared by each speaker. Marc’s demo on “How to Stay Relevant and On Top of Your Game” stole the show. Peppered with some cheeky and amusing yet very valid slides, it was delivered effortlessly while driving a very important and serious answer to this question which many developers and designers ask themselves daily.

    However, Tomek’s list of “Chrome DevTools Tips & Tricks” has been declared the ‘meatiest’ of all, containing solid, well-researched knowledge. It was the most technical presentation that evening and Tomek’s expertise and experience showed through every slide and little yet significant tip he showed. Packed to the brim with easily memorisable tricks the demo still barely scratched the surface, leaving the audience craving more.

    In addition to a guest 3D printing company, there were numerous technical booths showcasing various projects and technology that the Kraków office has been working with. Although the LeapMotion and Myo armbands were very popular, the Oculus Rift goggles caused the biggest stir, especially when combined with a 3D model of the Kraków office, which one could walk through using an Xbox pad.

    3D modelling and animation is quickly becoming a big thing in Krakow office. The topic was first raised by Bartosz Tupta and Mariusz Pankiewicz, who set up a 3D University teaching respectively Unity (game engine) and Blender (modelling, texturing, animation). With the new addition of Pavel Egorov and his remarkable skill in Modo and 3D in general, the boundaries are being pushed even further and another Interactive edition of TWF is bound to be abundant in more 3D applications and games.

    Given the success and fluidity of the event, many were surprised to discover that it was the first we’ve organized. According to our survey results, 90% of attendees would “definitely attend again”. Some of the guests we very surprised that this was the very first event, which clearly means that when it comes to promotion and general quality level, the bar has been placed considerably high. Some visitors were attracted by the variety and sheer number of different devices as well as apps displayed. However, as with every conference, content is the key and this is where the emphasis has to be placed for upcoming events in order to retain the interest level. One way to achieve this will be to keep a healthy mix of speakers, both from within and outside Infusion as well as dipping into the local creative talent pool in Kraków.

    As a result of the positive feedback, we will be hosting the second edition of The Way Forward conference in autumn. The next edition will retain all of the brilliance and excitement, and will pack a huge punch of knowledge with a focus on back-end programming.

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TWF Interactive Conference